Answers to 6 Creator Questions (including the algorithm) Revealed by YouTube Insiders!

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Hello Insiders! We’re back with Rachel answering some of your questions from our community poll a few weeks ago. Check them out and leave your comments and questions below!

0:32 Shouldn’t watch time averages be compared in percentages rather than the actual time?
1:42 Does it matter what time of day you post?
-When it comes to notifications, do try to upload when most of your audience is awake. Some users choose to mute notifications on their devices at night.
-Find out where most of your viewers are watching from by going to YouTube Analytics, clicking on the Audience tab, and then click “See More” on your “Top Countries” card.
2:43 Should I break my hour long video into 3 different parts? Is all watch time created equal?
Monetization consideration: If there is one part of the video that cannot be monetized due to our guidelines, but the majority of the video is advertiser friendly, you can consider creating a series at natural break points to monetize the content that meet our guidelines.
4:23 Does uploading to Unlisted hurt your video performance?
Reminder: Notifications only go out when a video is Public (whether or not it was Unlisted before)
5:48 Do you need to upload everyday?
6:49 Does changing your title and thumbnail “reset” your video?
Reminder: CTR is now available in YTA after 3 hours so you can decide whether to update a title or thumbnail if your video is underperforming

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