How Sam Parr Comes Up With $10,000,000 Dollar Business Ideas (#62)

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What matters most – ideas or execution?

Sam Parr (Founder of The Hustle and Host of My First Million) sits down with Kipp and Kieran on how to become an idea generation machine – figuring out if your idea is worth millions, unraveling the fear behind the insecurity of taking risks, how to execute on your ideas, the power of simplifying things, and behind the scenes look at how Sam studies business models to create his own ideas.

About Sam Parr
He is the founder of The Hustle (acquired by HubSpot in 2021) and founder and co-host of My First Million podcast.

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0:00 Intro
1:31 How Sam uses HubSpot
1:53 Controversial take on “Ideas are cheap, it’s how you execute is what matters”
3:41 Kevin Ryan story
5:54 Is it the idea that matters or the ability to validate ideas?
8:32 How Sam validated his idea for The Hustle
11:30 How Sam validates ideas
11:51 Don’t overthink things
13:21 Modeling the next 6-12 months of your idea
17:52 Sam’s toolbox for research + proves his research by creating an erotic website
29:41 Curiosity is a billion dollar skill
30:57 Assumptions are important
32:07 Everyone is insecure
32:25 Hustlecon story
34:50 Are companies boring cause they’re afraid?
35:49 Stop operationalizing everything
38:05 Celebrating failures at The Hustle
39:22 The point of researching is to normalize fear
39:45 How you can tell when someone is insecure
39:57 Know when someone is dumb
40:27 Kieran’s sketchy past
40:46 Story of the richest stupidest people alive
42:34 Learning marketing in unconventional ways
45:04 Sam’s list of resources he uses

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About the Show
In this weekly show, HubSpot’s CMO and SVP of Marketing, Kipp Bodnar and Kieran Flanagan, share their marketing expertise – unfiltered in the details, the truth, and like nobody tells it to you. Tune in for high-level perspective, conversation, and the occasional argument as they serve up an honest-to-goodness sense of how you can move your business forward!

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